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Section 1. NAME. The name of this corporation is National Deaf Freedom Association, Inc. (the “Corporation”).
Section 2. MISSION. The purpose of the Corporation, consistent with the charter of the Corporation (the “Charter”), is to protect, advocate, represent and educate on behalf of the Deaf, ensure that the Deaf have fair access in business, political, social, educational and legal avenues and facilitate the development and implementation of policy on issues affecting the Deaf and any organizations involving the Deaf.
Section 3. PRINCIPAL OFFICE. The principal office of the Corporation in the State of Maryland shall be located at such place as the Board of Directors may designate.
Section 4. ADDITIONAL OFFICES. The Corporation may have additional offices, including a principal executive office, at such places as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine or the business of the Corporation may require.


Section 1. ELIGIBILITY. The voting membership of the Corporation shall be composed of those individuals and organizations and associations who meet the requirements set forth by the Membership Committee. Individuals and organizations shall be eligible for admission as members of the Corporation following the review and recommendation of the Membership Committee and upon the approval of the president of the Corporation. The Corporation may, at the discretion of its Board of Directors, admit associate members. Associate membership shall be available to other individuals, organizations and associations that do not meet the criteria to become a voting member. Associate members may participate as members in all Corporation programs and services, but shall hold no voting privileges or rights with respect to any Corporation matters subject to a vote of the Corporation’s membership.
Section 2. PAYMENT OF DUES. The Board of Directors shall set, from time to time, the dues, fees, and other charges and assessments for membership in the Corporation (if any) and the method of payment. No member shall be considered to be in good standing if such member’s dues or other fees and charges are in arrears for a period of greater than sixty (60) days, and if such dues, fees, or other charges are not paid within ten (10) days after written notification to such member, unless such default in payment is excused for reasons satisfactory to the majority of the Board of Directors.

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NDFA Directors

Scott Walker, President
Michael Gallagher, Treasurer
Sheri Bergman, Board Member
Vicki Lowen, Board Member

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