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Wendy's drive-thru discrimination

Welcome to today’s news. News about lady experiencing her drive thru discrimination at Wendy’s, her name is Raquel Watkins. Her sign name is “R” on near left shoulder from right hand. I have interviewed with her and she told us what happened. Interview: Joy: Hello Raquel, could you tell us what happened with the drive thru? Raquel: Yes, when I came to the window and man came to the window, I told him “I am deaf”. He did nothing but went outside and went to the car behind my car to collect orders and money from others behind me, I just sat and wait and he continued doing again with more customers behind her. Then the man told me he is gonna call cops on me, I said OK. A little later cop came over and asked what is going on. I told the cop that I just want to order and they won’t service me. Cop was confused and went in to speak with manager name Tony. Cop came back to me to ask what I wanted to order, I only wanted combo number 1 so the cop went and ordered for me and gave it to me. I never had that happening to me before, I had no problem with others but this one. They are discriminating me because I am deaf. This happened at 7:20PM on Saturday. I still couldn’t believe what happened. End of interview Back to Joy: Thank Raquel for her time to explain what happened. That’s all for today’s news. Thank you. Don’t forget to follow the fox. Sign off

For the first time in the world, a South African doctor and his team successfully pioneered a transplant of a patient’s middle ear using 3D technology to cure his deafness.This groundbreaking procedure offers hope to many of those who suffer from loss of hearing.  This deafness happens when the moving parts are not working. They recreated the moving parts using 3D printing and install them in his middle ear. He has normal brain-cochlear communications ( NOT Cochlear Implant) ...for hearing sense like human beings have . It restored his hearing. This concerns the deaf community This can cause misleading information on how hearing view deafness by thinking this whole thing will cure/fix deafness within to today’s continuous of audism.